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Only 2-3 Squat Racks, Little Space, and One Coach? No Problem!

Not everyone can have 10+ squat racks and platforms with all the bells and whistles like Tendo units, safety squat bars, and Freelap timers. Many coaches work in a situation where the budget is small and equipment is limited. I wanted to write this to provide my personal experience working at small schools and making…

Strength Training Programs: 10 Factors to Determine Which is Best for Your Athletes

With access to the internet, there are a lot of programs out there that can seem overwhelming to choose from when deciding what’s best for your athletes. There’s Conjugate training, Triphasic training, APRE training, Velocity-based Training (VBT), 5/3/1, 1×20, undulated periodization, linear periodization, block periodization, Texas Method, and even your classic Bro-Splits/body part splits. Point…


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